My Life is Changed

My Life is Changed

Sometimes, it is weird to look back over my life. I am so in awe of how God changed my life. I will never forget my sin, my mistakes, and all of my evil deeds. I think that is important because it keeps me humble and I know what I am capable of doing without Jesus in my life. 

People who do not know the "old Mo" cannot believe the stories I tell concerning my old life. They think I am making it up. I cannot believe people do not believe there was even a old Mo. Well, my life is changed.  

My only desire is to see the lives of others changed like mine. I know so many people who are going through unnecessary pain, problems, and stress all because they are living that "old" life. I do not know who needs this but YOUR life can change too.  

Whether, you know me or not, I promise you your life can change. I know that because my life is changed. I know you want to stop smoking and drinking, trust me YOU CAN. I know you want to be faithful to your spouse, trust me YOU CAN. I know you are tired of having the same complaints year after year. I know you want this year to be better than last. I know you want to get back in church but you are struggling. I just want you to know you can! 

I have so much peace and joy. I just want you to experience what I have experienced. Your life can change just like mine. The question is, do you believe God can change it?  

You are not strong enough to change your own life because if you could it would of happened already. If you strong enough to do it, go ahead and do it. People usually do not take me up on that offer because they know they cannot do it and act like they are okay with the way their life is. You must trust God with your life! Read my favorite Scripture, Matthew 10:39. My life is changed because of the application of this verse and I am still applying it today. 

Are you looking for a life change? If so, place your trust in Jesus. If not, keep doing what you doing. I know I have done both before so I feel you.  

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