2 Keys to Starting Your Life Change

Life change

does not happen in one day. Life change happens when certain decisions are made over a period of time. That period of time stops when those decisions become a part of who you are and they are now habitual/automatic. 

I will never forget when my life was headed in the wrong direction. My lifestyle and habits were horrible. My integrity and character was so unreliable. My dreams and goals were cold and seemed like they would never happen. There is so much more I could share. I have laid out many mistakes in my book Unmasked. I was in need of a life change.   

What about you? Are you in need of a life change? It may not be your entire life, it could be an area of your life that needs to be changed. Does your marriage need a change? Does your finances need a change? Does your purpose need a change? Does your attitude need a change? Does your daily routines need a change? Does your life need a change? 

Three Keys to starting your Life Change are: 

1. Admit you need a change! 

So, many people think they do not need to change. I heard a story of a college football star. This football star has been in trouble for multiple sexual misconduct cases. This man lost his wife due to his actions and has done jail time. A friend of mine told me that he (football star) doesn't think anything is wrong with himself. See, this man needs a life change but a life change is not coming if he doesn't admit he needs a change. This can be a hard thing to admit you don't know how to handle money, can't control your eating, or not as godly as you claim to be. You can do it! 

2. Start with Jesus

It is hard for me to deal with this whole idea of life change without including Jesus. Jesus is the sole reason my life turned upside down. I am a changed man because of Jesus. I surrendered my life to Him as Lord. I made a decision for Jesus to be my Lord (Boss, Master, Ruler, King). This simply means, "I am going to do what He tells me to do and I am going to follow His instructions." Following the instructions of Christ will lead to life change. I am not promising you a million dollars, I am promising you a life change. 

There is so much more I can and will write on this subject matter. I know you can change your life. I believe in you! God believes you can too and has blessed you with everything you need to change your life. 

Please share, comment, and share. Thank you for reading.