Sin, I hate you.

Dear Sin, 

I have to get something off my chest, I been holding in for a very long time. I hate you. I just want to take a few moments and let you know why. 

Sin, whatever I wanted you would get me, whether it was pleasure or a laugh you knew how to please me. This entire time I thought you were for me but you tricked me. I didn’t know the price it would cost to listen to you instead of God. You made promises you never kept and you lied saying everything would be okay. You tried to destroy me and everyone I love. As a matter fact you haven’t even stopped. To this day you are trying to strip me of everything my life, my family, my witness and my very soul. Sin I hate you. Let me explain. 

I don't know where to start. Since I was born you were after me. You tried to convince my mother to abort me. As a child, you exposed me to things my young eyes could not handle, and you knew that it would damage my life and all those connected to me. 

I remember, when I was a teenager I said I would never smoke weed or drink because I was an athlete. I saw what you have done to my family and others and I wanted no parts. But some somehow you crept into my life and everything I worked hard for slowly slipped away. I seemed happy and confident but really I was broken. Sin, I hate you! 

How could I trust you? I have so much to say but all wrong things I have done is too embarrassing to say. So, sin let me get to my point.  

I'm leaving, I'm gone and I'm never coming back. I trusting in Jesus and He will keep you in check. You will not win, no you

won't. You can't have me, my family, all the people that I love, the children growing up or even the ones who need tough love. I'm so glad I know how to finally defeat you. That is through the death of my Lord Jesus I win and with His resurrection, I can start over again. You have no more power and guess what, I'm going to let the whole world know! So, get ready to fight a fight you lost thousands of years ago. 

The End.  

Family and friends let me now talk to you. If you have a great relationship with sin, it will destroy you too! So, please I beg you, to put all your trust in Christ and leave sin forever yelling SIN I HATE YOU!!! 

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