3 Tips to get off the Struggle Bus

There are times in life when the stuggle bus just stop by your place and kidnap you. It happens so fast. 

On the stuggle bus is bad news about family or people you care about. It's is financial hardship, when many things hit at once. It is burnout, from the long hours you have been working to provide for your family. I have been on that bus before and I want to help you get off. 

Tip #1 - Tell the truth

Acknowledge you are struggling and be aware of the pressures you feel. It's okay to admit you are struggling in one, two, three, or more areas in your life. Being honest with yourself is so key. You cannot end the stuggle or benefit from the struggle if you are not real about the stuggle. So, call it what it is!

Bonus Tip - You do not have to tell the entire world (Social Media, your friends, and family) about you being on the struggle bus. Go to God with it and follow His instructions. It is okay to share your struggles with trusted individuals but beware of going to the same individuals who cannot do anything about your struggles (see tip #2). Find out what God has to say about your struggles and what He tells you to do. If you need Scriptures or help with this let me know (info@mobrooks1.com).  

Tip #2 - Do something different  

You are on the stuggle bus, change something! Break your normal routine. If you are tired and drained take a day off and relax. If you and you spouse is not getting along, then do something special for them and show them how much you love them. Write a letter, sign them a song, send a 10 page text message lol, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Is your money looking funny? Change your spending habits and watch some money wise videos. Struggles don't magically disappear, you have to do something DIFFERENT.   

Tip #3 - Raise your Perspective  

Sometimes the stuggle bus is the greatest wake up call one can ask for. Think about it, something needed to change in your life but the pain wasn't great enough for you to initiate that change. Your struggles maybe screaming that something is wrong with your current way of living and decisions. God maybe trying to get your attention and that's why the stuggle bus stopped by and picked you up. So, look at this temporary struggle as a gift! Raise your perspective.

Get off the bus! Then help someone else get off as well! Others need you at your best.  

If you need further help getting off your struggle bus, please contact me. I am here to help.