Mo with his beautiful wife.

Mo with his beautiful wife.


About Mo

Mo’s childhood was a huge melting pot of ups and downs. He had two parents in the home and was blessed with the opportunity to play sports, travel, and enjoy his family members. The downside to this is his dad was an alcoholic and addicted to drugs. Mo’s dad was physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive to his mother. This was a huge burden on Mo and his little brother.

Mo’s life change forever when he was 15 years old. His dad stabbed his mom 3 times at Borgess hospital in Kalamazoo, MI. He almost lost his mother and father on the same night. His mother survived through having open heart surgery. His dad went to prison for attempted murder. Mo’s life was turned upside down.

Mo grades began to drop, his use of drugs and alcohol shot through the roof. He was depressed, broken, and lost. He felt like no one really cared what happened to him and all the adults in his life showed no interest in helping him overcome his trauma. At the age of 20, Mo turned his life around and hasn’t looked back.

Now he is passionate about helping young people deal with real life issues. Mo has turned his pain into passion. Mo’s past enables him to connect with youth at a real and relevant level.

Here’s some more information about Mo Brooks: He's is a follower of Jesus the Christ and a ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He's a husband to one. He is also a father to his baby girl Moraya. Mo is passionate about youth and serves as Director of Youth Ministries at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, MI where Dr. Addis Moore is his Pastor. Mo is the author of Unmasked, The Courage to be You. Mo is also passionate about preaching the Gospel and helping people grow spiritually. When he is not spending time with family or ministering to others, he enjoys playing basketball, reading, and traveling.

Mo looks forward to working with you to help you and others experience transformation, change that last. He is thrilled for the opportunity to serve you at your next conference, event, or service.